No Test

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  • 2021
  • 10min
No Test
  • Original Title: No Test

In the shadow of addiction, two young men and a reformed drug dealer reveal the harrowing cost of heroin and the desperate hope for redemption.

No Test

No Test - Addiction, Regret, Warning, Redemption

This shocking documentary, delves into the turbulent world of heroin addiction, focusing on the intertwined lives of Amani, William, and an ex-drug dealer who once ensnared them. Amani, a forsaken father, grapples with abandonment after his addiction drives his pregnant wife away. William's descent into the drug's grip leads him not only to prison but to a near-fatal escape attempt. The repentant drug dealer, having peddled death to countless young souls, including Amani and William, sheds light on heroin's devastating allure and its debilitating grip. While trapped in their cycles of dependence, Amani and William passionately warn the youth against the deadly siren song of heroin.

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