Nin E Tepueian: My Cry

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  • 2019
  • 82min
Nin E Tepueian: My Cry
  • Original Title: Nin E Tepueian - Mon cri (2019)

Innu poet and activist Natasha Kanapé feels a call from her indigenous roots every day. She tries to empower herself and her people with her words and irreverent voice. This is her story.

Nin E Tepueian: My Cry

AWARDS: Rigoberta Menchù Honorable Mention. Montreal First Peoples Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Trois-Rivières Festival - Images 

Nin E Tepueian: My Cry. An indigenous call rises up within me 

This documentary tracks the journey of Innu poet, actress and activist Natasha Kanapé Fontaine, at a pivotal time in her career as a committed artist.

To heal the wound of racism, Natasha has reappropriated her Innu language and becomes a media spokesperson.

Words have helped her rediscover her roots and empowered her. She gets the conversation going, and as it develops, she questions the need for self-determination for herself as well as for other Indigenous people both here and elsewhere.

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