Night Falls On Europe

  • 9 10
  • 2018
  • 14min
Night Falls On Europe
  • Original Title: La Nuit Tombe Sur L'Europe

With only a single shot of a sunset over the Aegean Sea, this short film makes a philosophical provocation on the European attitude towards the refugee crisis. Many of them fallen in that sea.

Night Falls On Europe

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Film de Clôture Festival international du film ethnographique du Québec

Night Falls On Europe. The fallen ones in the Aegean Sea

Conceived to accompany a photographic installation on the subject, this short film can itself be a moving photograph of Europe as seen from the Aegean Sea, where thousands of refugee bodies have perished trying to reach that continent.

Hypocrisy, deafness and inaction are some epithets that could be given to Europe's attitude towards this problem. Yet, the subtle use of a narrator who chronicles the deadly crossing of the refugees over the only fixed shot of the sunset over the sea are resources that simply but powerfully evoke this reading without abandoning poetry.

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