New year

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  • 2010
  • 15min
New year
  • Original Title: New Year (2020)

In the early hours of the first day of the New Year, the camera takes to the streets of Santiago, Chile, in search of the testimonies of pedestrians who roam through them.

New year

New Year. The invisible beings of the streets

When everyone is supposed to be celebrating the arrival of a new year, the Chilean director Cristobal Valenzuela takes to the streets of Santiago to give voice to another facet, less colorful and festive, undoubtedly invisible, of this eve.

Lonely pedestrians who roam the streets of the city inhabit the frame of a handheld camera that allows them to express themselves. Comments of hopelessness and tiredness, contrasting with the sky lit by fireworks, give us a glimpse to that other social image.


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Cristóbal Valenzuela Berríos

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