Nature around Ponds

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  • 2020
  • 26min
Nature around Ponds
  • Original Title: Nature around Ponds

Dive into the hidden world of pond ecosystems, where exceptional photography and natural soundscapes reveal the intricate web of life sustained by these vital waters.

Nature around Ponds

Nature around Ponds - Biodiverse, Immersive, Serene

This visually stunning documentary takes viewers on an immersive journey into the world of ponds, showcasing the vibrant ecosystems these waters harbor. Through exceptional photography and intimate close-ups, the film reveals the intricate network of life sustained by ponds, from microscopic organisms to amphibians, insects, and birds. Accompanied by the natural symphony of environmental sounds, bird calls, and subtle music, the documentary offers a unique glimpse into the biodiversity of these often-overlooked habitats, highlighting the critical role they play in supporting a myriad of species.

Carlo Ferraro
Carlo Ferraro Director

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Ferraro Nature Films

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