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Nathan for You: Finding Frances

  • 10 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Nathan for You: Finding Frances
  • Original Title: Nathan for You: Finding Frances

Nathan attempts to help a Bill Gates impersonator reunite with his long-lost love.

Nathan for You: Finding Frances
Nathan Fielder
Nathan Fielder Director, Writer...
Leo Allen
Leo Allen Executive Producer, Writer
Michael Koman
Michael Koman Creator, Writer...
Adam Locke-Norton
Adam Locke-Norton Editor, Writer
Eric Notarnicola
Eric Notarnicola Editor, Writer...
Katherine Machaiek
Katherine Machaiek Makeup Artist
Dave Kneebone
Dave Kneebone Executive Producer
Tim Heidecker
Tim Heidecker Executive Producer
Eric Wareheim
Eric Wareheim Executive Producer
Dan McManus
Dan McManus Executive Producer
Christie Smith
Christie Smith Executive Producer
Rosie Sanders
Rosie Sanders Production Design
Jay Patumanoan
Jay Patumanoan Line Producer
Spencer Vickers
Spencer Vickers Production Manager
Amanda Schulz
Amanda Schulz Producer
Natalie Darrah
Natalie Darrah Post-Production Manager, Production Supervisor
Martha Cary
Martha Cary Script Supervisor
L.E. Correia
L.E. Correia Consulting Producer
David Paige
David Paige Supervising Producer
Griffin Pocock
Griffin Pocock Associate Producer
Clark Reinking
Clark Reinking Supervising Producer
Marco Cordero
Marco Cordero Director of Photography
William Levins
William Levins Sound Mixer
Briana Jorgenson
Briana Jorgenson Costume Design
Lisa Aragona
Lisa Aragona Art Department Coordinator
Chase Sampson
Chase Sampson Sound Mixer
Sam Zuckerman
Sam Zuckerman Producer
Marchese Taylor
Marchese Taylor Music Supervisor
June Conniff
June Conniff Herself
Mary Hollis Inboden
Mary Hollis Inboden Voice of Young Frances

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