Na China

  • 8 10
  • 2019
  • 71min

This documentary takes us to Guangzhou, China, where three enterprising African women try to make their way in business in the midst of China's booming economy.



Na China. African women entrepreneurs in China

Jackie, Julie and Shanny, like thousands of young women and men from the African  continent, have went to Guangzhou in China, hoping to make a fortune there. 

Struggling in  the globalized Chinese economy, they try to start or to improve their business in relation with  their home countries. 

Piles of Nike sneakers, Vuitton handbags by parcels of 100, Gucci shirts  in pallets ... every day, these small or big investors, beginners or experienced, buy, pack and ship tons of goods which are stacked up in containers bound for Douala, Lagos or Mombasa. 

Marie Voignier
Marie Voignier Director

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