My Thai Bride

  • 8.4 10
  • 2011
  • 54min
My Thai Bride
  • Original Title: My Thai Bride

My Thai Bride is a documentary film exploring the power of money to save and destroy – and the harm that ensues when people and relationships are reduced to commodities.

My Thai Bride
AWARDS: Best Mid Length Documentary. Hot Docs Canada

My Thai Bride, A story of love and money

Ted, a middle age British Salesman, finds in Bangkok the acceptance and pleasure that have been elusive at home. And in one of his many trips to Thailand, he meets a Thai woman named Tip with whom he comes closest to being in love.

For Tip, Ted is not like the other clients she has had since she quit the plastic factory where she was underpaid in order to join the lucrative sexual work in the capital's bars.

What at first looks like the simple story of an interested love develops in the social portrait of two opposing realities where money and interdependence play a crucial role in the lives of our protagonists.

David Tucker
David Tucker Director

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