My Soul Drifts Light Upon A Sea Of Trees

  • 8 10
  • 2018
  • 65min

In the remote mountains of central Japan, a Zen Buddihist Master has been helping people return from the limbo of depression to a fulfilling life. This is his story and that of his disciples.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ International EYE Film/ Madness Festival

My Soul Drifts Light Upon A Sea Of Trees. Life after limbo in Japan

Zen Buddhist Itettsu Nemoto has spent most of his adult life offering support for individuals struggling with depression and suicidal behaviour. 

Operating from a small Zen temple in the mountains of the Gifu Prefecture, Japan, where he holds regular Buddhist retreats, he has helped hundreds of individuals rediscover the beauty of life after years in the darkness of limbo. 

This is the story of Itettsu Nemoto and three people who found life after limbo.

Heinrich Dahms
Heinrich Dahms Director

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