My Mexican Bretzel

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  • 2019
  • 74min
My Mexican Bretzel
  • Original Title: My Mexican Bretzel

This historical film dives into the vibrant mid-20th century through the eyes and lens of Vivian and Léon Barrett, as their diary and film footage intertwine to reveal a personal and historical tapestry.

My Mexican Bretzel

AWARDS: Found Footage Award. Rotterdam International Film Festival/ Millor Òpera Prima. Sant Jordi Awards/ Best Documentary and Screenplay. Gaudí Awards/ Special Award. Feroz Awards/ Best International Feature Film Documentary. Monterrey International Film Festival/ Audience Award. D'A Film Festival Barcelona

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Goya Awards/ Valdivia International Film Festival/ International Cinephile Society Awards/ Guanajuato International Film Festival/ Montreal International Documentary Festival/ 

My Mexican Bretzel - Capturing the spirit of a bygone era through diary and film


This amazing documentary melds the intimate diary entries of Vivian Barrett with the evocative visual footage captured by Léon Barrett from the 1940s to the 1960s. This documentary weaves a rich narrative that spans three transformative decades, offering viewers a unique glimpse into everyday life, significant events, and the subtle interplay of personal and global histories during a dynamic era.


Through Vivian's reflective words and Léon's perceptive eye, the film captures the essence of an age, inviting audiences to experience the world as the Barretts did—frame by frame, word by word.

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