My Heart of Darkness

  • 8 10
  • 2010
  • 58min
My Heart of Darkness
  • Original Title: Mitt mörka hjärta

Four war veterans who confronted each other during the war between South Africa and Angola face a reconciling reunion and reflect on the wounds of the war twenty years after the conflict.

My Heart of Darkness

AWARDS: Best Documentary. Fic Luanda Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Tri-Continental Human Rights Film Festival/ Pan African Film Festival/ TEMPO Documentary Award/ EDOC

My Heart Of Darkness. What war does to men

In this extraordinary and revelatory documentary four war-veterans and former enemies of the South Africa/Angola conflict journey back to past battlefields deep within the African interior in search of reconciliation, forgiveness and possibly even atonement.
A deep and characterful appraisal of what war does to men, it is a frightful insight into those who snap awake in the middle of the night, running, sweating, pursued ... terrified.

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