My Family is a Circus

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 15min
My Family is a Circus
  • Original Title: Circus zonder tent

In this riveting short documentary, a young girl's enchanting journey in her family's traveling circus, capturing the magic, challenges, and dreams of circus life.

My Family is a Circus

My Family is a Circus - Adventurous, Enchanting, Inspiring

This heartwarming documentary follows the life of young Romy as she bids farewell to her classmates to join her family's traveling circus in France. Unlike a typical holiday, Romy's journey is filled with the bustling activities of circus life, where performing, homework, and learning new tricks fill her days. Amidst her busy schedule, Romy still finds moments of joy and relaxation, especially in her after-hours adventures with Quintin, exploring the amusement park. Through letters to her classmates, Romy shares the unique challenges and joys of being a young circus artist, along with her aspirations and dreams for the future.

Nina Landau
Nina Landau Director

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