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My Body Is Political

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 71min
My Body Is Political
  • Original Title: My Body Is Political (2017)

The daily life of four people living in poor neighborhoods of Sao Paulo depict the constant struggle of the LGBTI community in Brazil to conquer their right to embrace gender and sexuality freely.

My Body Is Political

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Visions Du Réel/ Ambulante/ Filmar Film Festival/ BAFICI/ Olhar de Cinema/ Torino LGBTI Film Festival

My Body Is Political. Black, marginalized, excluded, slum-dweller

Someone in the body of a man shaves all the skin, from the face to the ankles. The scene that passes in front of our eyes has an important duration, a duration that deprives it of insignificance and turns it into a transcendental, rebellious act.

Such is the aesthetic embraced by director Alice Riff, scrutinizing and profound. She documents the daily life of four young queer people of the poor neighborhoods of Sao Paulo, bodies that face every day a constant struggle for the right to exist in a permanent construction of their identity.

Alice Riff
Alice Riff Director

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Paideia Filmes

Studio Riff

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