Mulsotán - The Rooted

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  • 2022
  • 27min
Mulsotán - The Rooted
  • Original Title: Mulsotán

A 32-year struggle unfolds as a resilient community battles severe hardships and relentless threats from the Forest Department, fighting to protect their ancestral lands.

Mulsotán - The Rooted

OFFICIAL SELECTION: SCAD Savannah Film Festival/ Bangalore Shorts Films Festival/ Golden Bridge Istambul Short Film Festival/ Pune Short Film Festival/ International Gujarati Film Festival/ Golden Giraffe International Film Festival/ Symbiotic Film Festival/ Lift-Off Global Network/ ALT EFF

Mulsotán - The Rooted - Community's enduring battle for home

This compelling documentary delves into the 32-year struggle of a resilient community determined to protect their ancestral lands. For generations, they have lived in harmony with nature, but the Forest Department's persistent efforts to evict them threaten their way of life.

The film captures their severe hardships, the relentless threats they face, and their unwavering determination to resist displacement and preserve their heritage and home. Through intimate interviews and powerful storytelling, the documentary sheds light on the community's fight for justice, dignity, and the right to remain on their land.

Production Companies

Janantik Shukla

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