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Muhammad and Larry

  • 8 10
  • 2009
  • Nonemin
Muhammad and Larry
  • English

In October of 1980 Muhammad Ali was preparing to fight for an unprecedented fourth heavyweight title against his friend and former sparring partner Larry Holmes. To say that the great Ali was in the twilight of his career would be generous; most of his admiring fans, friends and fight scribes considered his bravado delusional. What was left for him to prove? In the weeks of training before the fight, documentarians Albert and David Maysles took an intimate look at Ali trying to convince the world and perhaps himself, that he was still “The Greatest.” At the same time, they documented the mild-mannered and undervalued champion Holmes as he confidently prepared to put an end to the career of a man for whom he had an abiding and deep affection

Muhammad and Larry
  • English
Albert Maysles
Albert Maysles Director, Director of photography
Bradley Kaplan
Bradley Kaplan Director
Marvin Towns Jr.
Marvin Towns Jr. Executive Producer
Clifton Towns Sr.
Clifton Towns Sr. Executive Producer
Keith Vyse
Keith Vyse Producer
Kate Hirson
Kate Hirson Editor
David Gasperik
David Gasperik Camera Technician
Robert Richman
Robert Richman Camera Technician
Larry Holmes
Larry Holmes Himself
Muhammad Ali
Muhammad Ali Himself