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Motorkite Dreaming

  • 10 10
  • 2016
  • 90min
Motorkite Dreaming
  • Original Title: Motorkite Dreaming

Didn't know flying motorcycles existed? This adventure documentary follows two intrepid microlight aircrafts riders as they explore the vast Australian outback.

Motorkite Dreaming


Motorkite Dreaming. An epic adventure on flying motorcycles

This documentary is the adventure of a lifetime. Two amateur daredevils fly microlight aircraft (motorbikes with wings) 4000kms, across 4 Aussie deserts. They make a journey deep into the outback's spiritual heart and discover Earth’s oldest living culture: Aboriginal Australia.

In this epic journey, we will be shown Australia’s outback as we’ve never seen it before: from a motorbike in the sky. Premiered at Hot Docs Australia, this film has packed cinemas in major cities.

Production Companies

Intafusion Films

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