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  • 2022
  • 15min
  • Original Title: MotherTruckers

Exploring the underrepresented world of female truck drivers in post-Brexit UK, this documentary contrasts the allure of freedom on the open road with the stark realities women face in a male-dominated field.


AWARDS: Rosario Valpuesta Award. Seville European Film Festival/ Best Documentary Short Film. Carmen Award/ Jury Prize. Festival De Cine De Sorihuela Del Guadalima

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Seville European Film Festival/ ASECAN/ International Film Festival Lebu/ AtlantiDoc/ 

MotherTruckers - Resilience of women behind the wheel

Set against the backdrop of Brexit and the UK's transport crisis, "Mothertruckers" offers an unprecedented look into the lives of female lorry drivers. The film, through Lisa's animated and voiced-over narrative, intertwines real-life challenges with imaginative storytelling, highlighting the struggle for identity and freedom in industry and society at odds with their presence. It navigates the dichotomy between the romanticized freedom of the road and the hard-hitting life challenges as a female truck driver, aiming to shift the traditional perspectives on this profession.

Paula Romero
Paula Romero Director

Production Companies

Paula Romero, Jacobo Lagüela

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