Mothership Goes To Brazil

  • 8 10
  • 2016
  • 27min
Mothership Goes To Brazil
  • Original Title: Mothership goes to Brazil (2016)

Mother and daughter embark on a trip to Brazil in search of the healer “Joh of God”. But not everything goes as planned and both must assume a coexistence based on alcoholism.

Mothership Goes To Brazil

Mothership Goes To Brazil. A mother-daughter relationship based on alcoholism  

The director Josefin Arnell convinces her mother - a.k.a "Mothership" - to travel from her home in a Swedish forest to a small town in Brazil, where they expect to find the famous healer “John of God”.  

To their surprise, upon arriving in the town, Joh of God has been hospitalized. Mother and daughter begin an unpredictable coexistence, based on alcoholism and the hope of finding a cure in the midst of a kind of tropical western village.

Josefin Arnell
Josefin Arnell Director

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Josefin Arnell

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