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  • 8.5 10
  • 2012
  • 68min
  • Original Title: Mothers

Following the Chinese government's one-child policy, workers at a birth control center in a remote rural village are tasked with finding the women that must be sterilized.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Chicago International Film Festival/ Jeonju International Film Festival/ Sheffield International Film Festival/ Sydney Film Festival

Mothers. The one-child policy in China

This documentary follows a group of workers of a birth control center in a small town in China who have to push women of the area to go through mandatory sterilization so that they can fill a government-imposed quota. 

But the game of cat and mouse that these workers play with the women in order to fill their quota is as chilling as it is bizzarre.

Xu Huijing
Xu Huijing Director

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