Moon and the Wolfgirl

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  • 2007
  • 15min
Moon and the Wolfgirl
  • Original Title: Moon and the Wolfgirl

Moon is a ten-year-old girl. She writes books about a world where children can transform into animals and where magic and dark secrets reign. And she writes about Shadow, a girl who can transform into a wolf. Sadly however, and much to her own dismay, Shadow decides to eat her best friend…

Moon and the Wolfgirl
OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ International Woman's Film Festival/ Nederlands Film Festival/ 

Moon and the Wolfgirl, the girl writer and the world of the incredible

"People are ugly, they don't have fur, and they abuse animals by keeping them in captivity" That's why in Moon's illustrated novels all the memorable characters tend to be animals. Being the daughter of two writers, Moon, a 10-years-old girl, often writes a novel every time a bright idea comes to her mind. 

In this film directed by Sarah Domogala, we get to know Moon through a narrative structure that interweaves reality with the fiction of her own story called "Shadow", a fable about a girl who has the power to become a wolf.

The documentary introduces us to the graphic world of Moon's sixth novel through animated scenes that reconstruct the unexpected events of a plot that cunningly blends fantasy, suspense and tragedy.

Turned into the narrator of her own film, Moon opens a window to her imaginary world, where she sheds her ideals and aspirations. Behind the words and colorful drawings on the sheets of paper, Shadow and her little writer will have much in common.

Sarah Domogala
Sarah Domogala Director
Moon Herself

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