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Moj Brate - Mio Fratello

  • 0 10
  • 2015
  • Nonemin
Moj Brate - Mio Fratello
  • Original Title: Moj Brate - Mio Fratello

Actor, clown, archeologist and university researcher Alberto Musacchio took his own life in 2001. His death hurt many people who had been touched by his vitality. One of these was Stefano who, fourteen years later, goes on a journey looking for the emotional traces left by Alberto’s life and work. He visits Rome – Mostar, where together they had run theater workshops for children and youths traumatized by war – and Canada, where Alberto spent the last years of his life studying and teaching. And where he had also left a written request that his ashes should remain.

Moj Brate - Mio Fratello

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