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  • 9.3 10
  • 2013
  • 52min
  • Original Title: Microtopia

"Smaller is smarter" is the premise shared by the artists and activists consulted in this documentary that reveals groundbreaking projects that are changing the way in which humans inhabit nature.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Doxa Documentary Festival/ Durban IFF/ Planete+ Doc Film Festival/ One World International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival/ Milano Design Film Festival/ RIBA’s Love Architecture festival / Sheffield Design Week/ A Design Film Festival/ Copenhagen Architecture Festival x FILM/ Urban Films – Urban Design and Architecture Film Festival/ CinemAmbiente Environmental Film Festival/ Urban TV/ EBS International Documentary Festival/ Festival do Rio/ Archfilm/ Planet In Focus/ Al Jazeera International Documentary Film Festival/ XII International Film and Television Festival on Urban Life and Ecology/ Istanbul Design Biennial/ Burlington City Arts in affiliation with Vermont International Film Festival

"Microtopia" The modern nomads

The protagonists of this documentary believe that something is really wrong in the way humans have organized themselves to live on earth. By traveling around the world, director Jesper Wachtmeister builds a kaleidoscope of ecological experiments made by brilliant minds. Architects, artists and ordinary people follow exciting searches to find new and less polluting ways to coexist within our ecosystem.

A portable home, a floating garden made of recycled materials, a greenhouse in the middle of the arid geography of Texas or a camping tent with an intelligent, innovative design, are some of the experiences that are already giving results. Microtopia is an inescapable documentary for those who do not curb their imagination when it comes to envisioning a future where human beings and nature cease to be antagonists.

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Solaris Filmproduktion

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