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Mica and Stories Around Her

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  • 2010
  • Nonemin
Mica and Stories Around Her
  • Serbian

Milica Ostojic (aka Mica Trofrtaljka or Mica Davorika), a singer from Milicevci near Cacak (Serbia) by singing the song "Davorike, dajke" became a big star of new underground music in the seventies in former Yugoslavia. Forgotten for years, she returned to the scene in the film "Pretty Village, Pretty Flame", saying the historical sentence: "Shut up mate, erotica".

Mica and Stories Around Her
  • Serbian
Milan Nikodijević
Milan Nikodijević Director, Writer
Milja Vujanović
Milja Vujanović (archive footage)
Goran Sultanović
Goran Sultanović Narrator (voice)