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  • 2019
  • 13min

Confronted with the evidence that the Earth is not eternal, Ernesto is inspired by the Metatron's shape to design his own alternative universe. Obsessed by how he and his project will be remembered, he has the certainty that only the ideas and not the creator should transcend.



Metatron. The man who constructs floating islands

In a self -taught manner, during the last five years Ernesto has been designing his floating islands, conceived to be inhabited by the man of the future, once the Earth disappears.

Obsessed by his dream, in his apartment he collects sketches, plans, mathematical formulas, and prototypes based on the union of the cube and the circle, two geometrical forms that combined suppose the paradigm of his perfect universe: the Metatron. 

He deconstructs this structure to the same extent that he exteriorizes a mental and emotional profile that also define him as object of creation. His work absorbs the essence of his identity, finding its most immediate materialization in the documentary registration. In this other “island”, Ernesto plays to be  God, attempts to establish the limits and guidelines of how his project is to be filmed.

"Filming Ernesto has given me the opportunity to search into that tension of the contemporary man toward the reality he has created. Following the death of the great social utopias, disappointment has started to become delirium. Ernesto has lived in two opposed models: in capitalism and in the vestiges of communism" says the filmmaker about the experience.

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