Messages From the End of the World

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  • 2018
  • 52min
Messages From the End of the World
  • Original Title: Messaggi dalla fine del mondo

An intrepid couple and a crew of young Swiss adventurers sails to the Arctic's melting frontiers on a mission to witness, document, and broadcast the urgent message of climate change.

Messages From the End of the World

Messages From the End of the World - A voyage for the new generations

Compelled by the urgent need to address climate change, Doris and Charles Michel transition from their settled life in Zurich to a daring expedition at sea. They recruit five young Swiss individuals, aiming to immerse them in the stark realities of the Arctic's shifting environment. As the San Gottardo navigates through breathtaking yet foreboding Arctic landscapes, the young crew employs their cameras as tools of exploration and testimony, capturing the stark beauty and the escalating ecological fragility of our planet's northernmost reaches. This journey is not just a voyage but a call to action, inspiring a wave of informed activism and a deeper connection to the Earth's vulnerable ecosystems.

Matteo Born
Matteo Born Director

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RSI Radiotelevisione Svizzera

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