Mekong - Parana, The Last Laotians

  • 8 10
  • 2018
  • 72min

This documentary makes a portrait of the Ithanvong family and their epic journey from war-torn Laos to a town in Santa Fe, Argentina, where their whole life is based on the fate of a river.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Madrid Human Rights Film Festival/ MIRA Independent Latin-American Film Festival/ Mostra Doc FAM/ Cine Migrante International Film Festival/ Surealidades International Film Festival/ Cine de América Film Festival/ Cine Al Este Film Festival/ FIC América International Film Festival/ Construir Cine Film Festival/ Cine Político International Film Festival/ BAFICI/ Atlantic

Mekong - Parana, The Last Laotians

Both Som and her husband Phengta managed to survive oppression in Laos and the difficult life of being immigrants in another land. 

The river, be it the Parana or the Mekong, is the column from which the stay of these Laotians in the country is structured. 

It was once said that the river is not always the same, but here that norm finds its exception: it is the same river that exposes emotions, silences, the possibility of reinventing oneself in a land too far away.

Production Companies

Hugo Crexell

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