Matt Deighton - Overshadowed

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  • 2021
  • 62min
Matt Deighton - Overshadowed
  • Original Title: Matt Deighton - Overshadowed

This bold documentary unveils the enigmatic journey of Matt Deighton, the unsung hero of British music, tracing his triumphs, challenges, and ties with industry legends.

Matt Deighton - Overshadowed

OFFICIAL SELECTION: UnerhoĢˆrt Hamburg/ Soundwatch Berlin/ Manchester Film Festival/ Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 

Matt Deighton - Overshadowed - Enigma, Resilience, Music, Revelation

Dive deep into the life of Matt Deighton, the celebrated yet enigmatic figure behind some of the iconic moments in British music. As the leading voice of the 90's band Mother Earth', the go-to guitarist for Paul Weller, and the man who stepped into Noel Gallagher's shoes in 'Oasis', Matt remains a critically-acclaimed enigma. Through intimate performances, personal narratives, and insights from his music contemporaries like Paul Weller and Carleen Anderson, "Overshadowed" shines a light on Matt's intertwined journey of music and mental health challenges. This documentary is not just about the musician we should recognize but the resilient spirit behind the melodies.

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