• 9.5 10
  • 2015
  • 81min
  • Original Title: Margina (2015)

This documentary closely follows a Roma family from a humble neighborhood of Macedonia while they make a living amid economic hardships and ethnic tensions.


OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: CineĢma du reel/ Manaki Brothers International Cinematographer’s Film Festival/ Skopje Film Festival/ Ake Dikhea? Festival of Romini Film

Margina. The life of a Roma family in Macedonia

This documentary reflects upon life in the Roma community, giving very intimate insights into the life of a Roma family in Macedonia, who exists “at the edge” of European society. 

As many Roma of the region, they are forced to make a living by cutting firewood for their non-Roma neighborhood. They thereby interact closely with the Macedonian ethnic majority and become object of more or less crude forms of racism. 

Without overt pathos, the film shows everyday family-life, marked by social marginalization and economic hardship, but also the usual domestic problems. 

Production Companies

Ljupcho Temelkovski

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