Man Up!

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  • 2016
  • 29min
Man Up!
  • Original Title: Man Up!

Dive into the transformative journeys of Sikhangele Mabulu and Monwabisi Mbetane as they transcend their violent pasts to advocate for gender equity and societal change within their communities.

Man Up!

Man Up! - Transformation, Equity, Reflection, Action

In a compelling exploration of masculinity and societal transformation, viewers are taken into the lives of two men, Sikhangele Mabulu and Monwabisi Mbetane, who have broken free from the chains of their violent upbringings. Through their reflections on childhood socialization that normalized violence as male expression, the documentary unravels the entrenched norms perpetuating male aggression. The film stands as a testament to change, illuminating the significant role men can embrace in bolstering gender equity and unlearning the harmful traditions of the past. Witness the commitment of Mabulu and Mbetane to altering their communities' narratives, providing a resounding and inspiring call to action and underlining the potential for transformation and the critical part men play in attaining gender equality.

Mia Cilliers
Mia Cilliers Director

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