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Madonna: The Lady Is a Vamp

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  • 2007
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Madonna: The Lady Is a Vamp

A 2011 documentary about Madonna, featuring interviews, performances, and seldom-seen footage.

Madonna: The Lady Is a Vamp
Peter Money
Peter Money Director
Kelle Bryan
Kelle Bryan Thanks
John Pfaff
John Pfaff Thanks
Kris Needs
Kris Needs Thanks
Jim Farber
Jim Farber Thanks
Bob Blank
Bob Blank Thanks
Toby Jatt
Toby Jatt Camera Operator
Gemima Crowns
Gemima Crowns Camera Operator
Nicol Colin
Nicol Colin Camera Operator
Sue Oxley
Sue Oxley Thanks
Rob Johnstone
Rob Johnstone Executive Producer
Madonna Herself
Mandy O'Neale
Mandy O'Neale Narrator

Production Companies

Chrome Dreams Media