Mad Skills

  • 9.3 10
  • 2009
  • 69min
Mad Skills
  • Original Title: Mad Skills

Experience the intense world of professional drifting with Rhys Millen as he navigates mechanical challenges, fierce competition, and personal aspirations in the action-packed documentary.

Mad Skills

Mad Skills - Exhilarating, Competitive, Fast-Paced, Revealing

This adrenaline-fueled documentary captures the high-octane world of champion drifter Rhys Millen during the 2005 Formula D Season. After a near-catastrophic crash in Chicago, Millen faces a race against time to prepare his GTO for the finals in Irwindale, all while dealing with the uncertainty of his father Rod Millen's RX8 competing in the final race. Amidst mechanical challenges, team dynamics, and intense rivalry with friends and fellow drifters Samuel Hubinette and Tanner Foust, Millen's relentless pursuit of the championship is a thrilling journey. The documentary is packed with thrilling door-to-door racing action, showcasing the skill and artistry of drifting, transforming the viewer's perception of motorsports with its dynamic, behind-the-scenes insights.

Carolyn Coal
Carolyn Coal Director

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NoCo Media Group

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