Lowdown Tracks

  • 7.3 10
  • 2015
  • 86min
Lowdown Tracks
  • Original Title: Lowdown Tracks

Inspired by Depression-era folk songs, filmmaker Shelley Saywell and singer and activist Lorraine Segato set out to document the music and stories of those who live on the margins of society and bare their souls through their songs on the streets of Toronto. It's a journey that takes us along abandoned tracks, beneath bridges, inside shelters, rooming houses and alleyways, and celebrates the music and survival of those who live on the outside.

Lowdown Tracks
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Lowdown Tracks, the music from the streets of Toronto

Singer and social activist Lorreine Segato guides us through the streets of Toronto to meet the street performers who make up the soundtrack of this vibrant Canadian.

All of them are musicians who have decided a humble life in the cold urban margin, where the passion for music is the main fuel to keep them warm. 

A woman passing by asks "Are you people homeless?" and one of the members of Railyard Ghosts, a band that combines country music and reggae on the sidewalks of the city replies "No, we are home free".

The film unfolds upon Segato´s desire to bring together these artists and make a live sound record of their itinerant presentations.


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