Low Definition Control — Malfunctions #0

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  • 2011
  • 95min
Low Definition Control — Malfunctions #0
  • Original Title: Low Definition Control — Malfunctions #0

In times of terrorist threat, risk prevention and all embracing control phantasms, the images of surveillance cameras, ultrasound detectors and such, foreshadow a possible future. Low Definition Control is a film about this future.

Low Definition Control — Malfunctions #0

Awards: Innovative Cinema. Diagonale/ Certificate of Merit. San Francisco International Film Festival/  Honorable Mention. New York Expo of short film and video/ 1st Prize. Choreographic Captures Competition for body trail CCTV/ Best Editing. Diagonale/ Certificate of Merit. Szolnok Film Festival of Fine Arts

"Low Definition Control — Malfunctions #0" Because we are all being watched

Ten years after 9/11, the spectre of the sleeper has not only led to an extension of the police’s scope of action in the framework of surveillance and prevention scenarios in the „war on terror“; it also haunts technical images of the human body and the governance of public health.

In short, the sleeper has not only become the uncanny pop icon of menace but a general metaphor for the uncertain futures of a society full of risks. Low Definition Control explores how far the sleeper has changed knowledge produced by imaging systems which are used in medicine and surveillance technology. 

Michael Palm
Michael Palm Director

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Johannes Hammel

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