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Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia

  • 5 10
  • 2017
  • Nonemin
Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia
  • Original Title: Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia

Anorexia, the pathological fear of eating and gaining weight, is now the most deadly mental illness in the UK, affecting around one in every 250 women at some point in their lives This film sees Louis Theroux embed himself in two of London’s biggest adult eating-disorder treatment facilities: St Ann’s Hospital and Vincent Square Clinic. He meets women of all ages and at various stages of their illness, accompanying them through an enforced daily routine of scheduled eating, weigh-ins and group therapy sessions.

Louis Theroux: Talking to Anorexia
Ellena Wood
Ellena Wood Director
Louis Theroux
Louis Theroux Himself - Presenter

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