Lost Body

  • 9 10
  • 2013
  • 38min
Lost Body
  • Original Title: Corps Perdu

Explore the transformative world of Thierry Van Hasselt, where art and comics converge to redefine visual storytelling and challenge the boundaries of representation.

Lost Body

Lost Body - Artistic, Transformative, Visionary

This captivating documentary offers a deep dive into the creative universe of artist and editor Thierry Van Hasselt, focusing on two of his emblematic comics: "Gloria López" and "La Petite Main." The film intricately explores Hasselt's artistic process, revealing how his brushstrokes bring to life stories of transformation and the fluidity of human form. Through a blend of drawn, painted, and metamorphosed bodies, viewers are invited into a personal journey that challenges traditional comic conventions and the very notion of visual representation.

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Centre Vidéo de Bruxelles

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