• 8 10
  • 2015
  • 60min

Director Georg Koszulinski makes a journey to rural Haiti in search of answers about the enigmatic Vodoo religion.


 OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Atlanta Film Festival/ San Francisco Documentary Film Festival/ DOCfeed/ IndieGrits

Loa, The Vodoo religion in the depths of Haiti

A man lights a candle and places it on an altar. Then he closes his eyes and begins to sing a song from the depths of his soul. In a native dialect, he asks about the whereabouts of his "loa", the spirit that will eventually possess him. 

Director Georg Koszulinski documents the ritual described above from a strong proximity, placing us at the center of this ceremony from which we soon perceive a magical and ancestral origin.

The Vodou Man from the ritual is one of the several characters interviewed by the director in this explanatory documentary about the universe of Vodou, a religion based on the contact with spirits of deceased people for the healing and protection of the living in a country that still suffers the echo of a deadly earthquake.

The film is an excellent opportunity to demolish negative myths about this syncretic religion, and also to decode terms and symbols such as the famous “zombies”, a tree that protects the spirits or a cave on whose walls the Loas leave their mark.

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