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Little Eagles

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Little Eagles
  • Arabic

Mohammed, the son of a simple worker, lives in the city of Alexandria with his father and dreams of moving to Cairo to become a filmmaker. In Cairo, Mohammed meets Salma and Bassam and is impressed by their self-confidence. When he discovers that Salma and Bassam’s parents were left-wing activists from the 1970s, he looks for a similar sense of purpose in his own father’s life. As he compares lives, Mohammed the filmmaker discovers answers. More importantly, he is led to new questions that connect the past with the present.

Little Eagles
  • Arabic
Mohamed Rashad
Mohamed Rashad Director, Writer
Hala Lotfy
Hala Lotfy Producer
Tony Overwater
Tony Overwater Compositors
Mohamad El-Hadidi
Mohamad El-Hadidi Director of Photography