Lima Screams

  • 6.7 10
  • 2018
  • 77min
Lima Screams
  • Original Title: Lima Screams (2018)

Psychedelic, strident, etheric. This is how Lima emerges in this portrait of the Peruvian capital through a kaleidoscope of its alternative music scene.

Lima Screams

AWARDS: Audience Award Best Peruvian Feature Film. Transcinema Film Festival/ Best Feature Film. Peruvian Women's Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Sheffield Doc Fest/ Peruvian Women's Film Festival

Lima Screams. The musical landscape of Peru's heart

The City of Lima is portrayed through an immersion into different alternative music scenes, as a sound space, comprised by little memories that progressively and timelessly appear.

Around this portrait the film is built as a collage of moments, sensations, character's portraits, sound landscapes, concerts, conversations and poetry.

Genres such as rock, punk, psychedelic rock, improvisation, noise and experimental electronic music are the ones that musicalize the situations that arise when this place becomes inhabited.

Production Companies

Cara Cara Producciones

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