Life Out There Has It Been Seen?

  • 8 10
  • 2018
  • 32min

The film is a delicate gaze at Mina de São Domingos, a desolate village in Portugal whose past mining economy barely breathes facing an uncertain future.



Life Out There Has Been Been Seen? Observing a desolate mining village

The existence of the village Mina de São Domingos, in Portugal, is directly connected to the mine working past. The sudden end of the mining exploitation in the area left a huge compound abandoned that is still in ruins.

The old mines host knowledge about the profession but also reveal uncertainty towards the future, after the whole community was abandoned in the 1960’s. 

The film proposes to re-think the territory left behind, through the contact with the inhabitants and their ideals, so that the present can be confronted with new possibilities that may come.

Production Companies

Uma Pedra No Sapato

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