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Lida, Vanda, Liusia

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  • 2015
  • 69min
Lida, Vanda, Liusia
  • Original Title: Lida, Vanda, Liusia

Three women in their sixties embark on the greatest adventure of their lives: To cross Europe from Lithuania to France and England, to finally get to know Western Europe.

Lida, Vanda, Liusia

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Lithuanian Film Awards

Lida, Vanda, Liusia. A rare European road movie

Lida, Vanda and Liusia are entering the autumn of their lives, yet none of them have been to idyllic Western Europe. But this is about to change. This film documents their inspiring journey from Lithuania, through Poland and Belarus, to the major cities of Germany, France and England.

During this life-changing journey, the trio drain their most guarded dilemmas in an intense and revealing coexistence. Little quarrels, travails and a loneliness that has remained veiled until now, are just moments that reflect three rich lives of courageous women who would give everything for their families.

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