Let's try to jump into the well

  • 9 10
  • 2020
  • 42min
Let's try to jump into the well
  • Original Title: Spróbujmy skoczyć do studni

This thought-provoking documentary reveals the raw, ambiguous process of rehearsing Kafka's "The Trial," inviting viewers to judge the creative journey.

Let's try to jump into the well

AWARDS: Special Mention. Millennium Docs Against Gravity

Let's try to jump into the well - A theatrical road movie exploring Kafka's rehearsals

Set entirely on the stage, this original documentary takes the audience behind the scenes of Kafka’s “The Trial” rehearsals. As actors and directors navigate the complexities of bringing this challenging work to life, viewers are immersed in the often ambiguous and incomprehensible creative process.

The film presents a raw, unfiltered look at the journey of artistic creation, highlighting the struggles, breakthroughs, and moments of inspiration. Whether the production ultimately succeeds or fails is irrelevant; what matters is the exploration of creativity and the invitation for the audience to form their judgments about the artistic process.

Piotr Stasik
Piotr Stasik Director

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Kijora Film sp. z o.o.

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