The Countess’ Heirs

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  • 2009
  • 55min
The Countess’ Heirs
  • Original Title: Les Héritiers de la Comtesse

Within the walls of a grand Roman villa, a select group of scholars and artists converge annually, crafting a mosaic of modern creativity under the watchful eye of their enigmatic Director.

The Countess’ Heirs

Les Héritiers de la Comtesse - Art and academia shape the next wave of visionaries


This riveting documentary delves into the exclusive and opulent world of the Swiss Institute in Rome, where tradition and ambition intertwine. This documentary offers a rare glimpse into a sumptuous villa that not only dominates the landscape but also cultivates the minds of the future.


Every year, six researchers and six artists, all in the bloom of their careers, are chosen to continue the legacy of intellectual and artistic excellence initiated by a legendary countess. Under the strict but nurturing gaze of the Director, these modern-day heirs of nobility open their creative sanctuaries to the world, revealing the processes, passions, and intermittent pressures of living and working within such a storied environment.

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