Lembri Uudu

  • 9 10
  • 2017
  • 24min
Lembri Uudu
  • Original Title: Lembri Uudu (2017)

The people in the Estonian village of Pähkla have grown old since Uudu last saw them. Now he visits them once more – as a ghost, for Uudu died a long time ago.

Lembri Uudu

AWARDS: Unconventional Storytelling Award. Cheap Cuts Documentary Film Festival/ Young Filmmaker Award. Annual Award of AV Division of Stonian Cultural Endowment/ Best Short Film. Perugia Social Film Festival/ Special Mention. Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: POFF Shorts/ EFTA Awards/ Go Short/ Baltic Frames Film Festival/ Olhar de Cinema/ Sarajevo Film Festival/ Doc Leipzig/ Cineast/ Indiecork/ Tirana International Film festival 

Lembri Uudu. A ghost returns to his Estonian village

Till Estonia’s re-independence in 1991, Pähkla village in Saaremaa had a kolkhoz which provided jobs for all the villagers. Lembri Uudu also worked in a kolkhoz as a tractor driver.

But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the kolkhoz was disbanded, most of Pähkla’s villagers lost their jobs and Uudu died. 

But sometimes it happens that a person’s real vital force arises after his death. Lembri Uudu died at such a right time that he became a hero who still gives villagers the power to live and keeps the kolkhoz united.

Eeva Mägi
Eeva Mägi Director

Production Companies

Alasti Kino

Eesti Filmi Instituut

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