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Legally Brown

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  • 2011
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Legally Brown
  • English

Legally Brown brings together for one night the funniest headline comedians who just happen to share one common threat, the color of their skin and their perspective on what that means in a post 911 world. Hosted by Tony Plana (ugly Betty) and starring, Alex Reymundo (Latin Kings of Comedy) Jerry Bednob, (Kumar go to white castle) Cristela Alonzo (Last Comic Standing runner up) Willie Barcena (Comedy Central) Omar Elba (Egyptian Born) and Border Patrol Agent Bubba Gomez (Rick Najera) poke fun at stereo types and the Arizona immigration law and prove that once and for all funny is truly funny no matter what color or religion you are.

Legally Brown
  • English
Scott L. Montoya
Scott L. Montoya Director, Executive Producer
Robert Abramoff
Robert Abramoff Executive Producer
Allen Evenson
Allen Evenson Executive Producer
Joseph Henson
Joseph Henson Executive Producer
Neal Marshall
Neal Marshall Executive Producer
Emil Marzullo
Emil Marzullo Executive Producer
Rick Najera
Rick Najera Bubba Gomez
Gerry Bednob
Gerry Bednob Himself
Alexander Black
Alexander Black Himself (as Omar Elba)

Production Companies

Payaso Entertainment