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  • 10 10
  • 1989
  • Nonemin
  • Azerbaijani, Russian

he Anecdote (Azerbaijani: Lətifə, Russian: Анекдот) is a full-length Azerbaijani film shot in Baku in 1989. Made in the tragic comedy genre, this film is about the dysfunctional Soviet management system in Azerbaijan SSR at the end of 1980s and about the decadence and corruption of the Soviet bureaucracy.

  • Azerbaijani, Russian
Yefim Abramov
Yefim Abramov Director, Scenario Writer
Nizami Musayev
Nizami Musayev Director, Scenario Writer
Rövşən Ağayev
Rövşən Ağayev Scenario Writer
Muxtar Maniyev
Muxtar Maniyev Kərimov
Yaşar Nuri
Yaşar Nuri Məmməd
Rasim Balayev
Rasim Balayev Rəhimov
Ceyhun Mirzəyev
Ceyhun Mirzəyev Məmmədov