Last Stop Kew Gardens

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  • 2006
  • 54min
Last Stop Kew Gardens
  • Original Title: Last Stop Kew Gardens (2006)

This is the tale of what happened to the Americanized Children of Holocaust survivors. The film includes the testimonies of TV’s Jerry Springer, Comedian Robert Schimmel and many other "names."

Last Stop Kew Gardens

Last Stop Kew Gardens. The orphans of the Holocaust in New York

Film Director and best-selling Novelist Robert H. Lieberman takes us on an engrossing journey to meet the “Americanized” kids who grew up in 1940s and 50s Kew Gardens, an “immigrant village” in the heart of New York City, where German was the first language.  

Come along for the ride as filmmaker spirals in to finally return to the place he fled as a young man. You’ll be fascinated to meet these children of refugees and survivors. They include personalities such as TV’s Jerry Springer, Comedian Robert Schimmel, Josh, Rona Eliot, and many other dynamic individuals who continue to enrich our culture.

The director finally discovers how their parents' background had a profound effect on their lives and how many of them have become cultural movers and shakers.

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