• 9 10
  • 2016
  • 28min
  • Original Title: Landslide

In post-revolutionary Kyiv, outcasts and outsiders strive to build a new society amidst the ruins of a collapsing social system.


Landslide - Outcasts build new society in Kyiv

This gripping documentary portrays post-revolutionary Ukraine through a community determined to forge a new society within the fractured remains of a dysfunctional system. Set in central Kyiv, where nature has reclaimed the area of Petrivska Street through a series of landslides, this film explores how the space has become a haven for those marginalized by society.

A secretive graffiti team, a group of tech geeks, and an avant-garde gay theatre that fled the war in Luhansk come together, struggling to coexist and thrive outside traditional societal pressures.

Production Companies

Oleksiy Radynski

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