Laleh Complex

  • 8 10
  • 2016
  • 22min
Laleh Complex
  • Original Title: Laleh Complex (2016)

The arrival of a magic car creates a change in a small town in Iran where children often drop out of school due to the long distance they have to travel to attend classes.

Laleh Complex

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: Changing Perspectives Film Festival/ EduDoc/ Festival Film Dokumenter/ JAFF

Laleh Complex. A car to attend school in Iran

One day a magic car appears in a remote village in central Iran and tries to help students to fulfill their dreams.

Studying is still a big challenge for many children. They have to walk kilometers in wild landscapes to reach their school. 

Many of them keep going to school, as it is one of the scarce ways they know to pursue their dreams. But some students give up and quit school.

Komeil Soheili
Komeil Soheili Director

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Komeil Soheili

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