• 9.3 10
  • 2012
  • 82min
  • Original Title: La primavera

Mountains have been a natural haven for men for thousands of years. But life there is hard, difficult, slow, repetitive, silent and solitary. Carme and her family live in the Serra Cavallera mountain range in Ripollès. The life of this family of farmers is marked by the seasons of the year. Day after day, Carme struggles to work and live, as did the generations of women before her, in harmony with the rhythms ruled by nature. Another year arrives, and with it comes the spring.

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS: IDFA/ Documenta Madrid/ Guadalajara International Film Festival/ Malaga Spanish Film Festival/ 

Springtime, the ancestral cycle of nature

The provincial routine of the village of Ripollés, on the Serra Cavallera, in Catalonia, is shown through the dedicated work of Carme, a humble woman of the place.

Repeated long-lasting tasks give way to a continuous ritual in which the relationship between people and the resources of nature is celebrated.

The sacrifice of a pig for food during the winter, sheep grazing on the vast meadow in the summer, and planting new seeds for the harvest in the spring are shown from a respectful distance as part of a beautiful and hard ancestral cycle.

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