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La Flaca Alejandra

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  • 1994
  • Nonemin
La Flaca Alejandra
  • Spanish

A conversation between the director of this film, Carmen Castillo and Marcia Merino, AKA La Flaca Alejandra who was one of the collaborators of Pinochet's secret police (the DINA) after being tortured by them. It was Merino who betrayed Castillo, who lost her new born child after being tortured. Almost twenty years later, Carmen Castillo returns to Chile after her exile to film this documentary, during a time in which Marcia Merino, on the court of justice, decided to give the names of her old bosses who worked with her on the DINA.

La Flaca Alejandra
  • Spanish
Guy Girard
Guy Girard Director
Maurice Perrimond
Maurice Perrimond Director of Photography

Production Companies

Channel 4

France 3 (FR 3)